How to Make Your Life Cleaner in a Pandemic

published Sep 09, 2021
1 min read

It is a given fact that certain home automation products can conserve energy due to various features and functionality some equipment perform, such as trying to keep track of energy and sometimes even ensuring you use much less water, electricity and gas. As a result, a house can have a much lower impact on the environment. Smart devices are also simple to use. 

They necessitate very little dedication and hard work because most gadgets learn as they go, recognising your specific habits as well as how much waste you may produce. From that, the items can lead to increased efficiency and without harming the environment. We could also use substances that are generally good for the environment.

In recent times, there has been a tremendous amount of technology development in this space. It’s the way the world works now, and technological advances keep on going that make your life cleaner. 

With more individuals than ever attempting to keep their homes more environmentally sustainable by 2021, here are a few steps you can take to get there as well.

1. Take Into Account Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is the most environmentally friendly option. Not only does it give a home a one-of-a-kind aesthetic appeal, and that it is organic, renewable, light-weight, and multifunctional. Cork flooring typically outlasts many other flooring materials, and because it is antimicrobial, it is capable of combating fungus and mildew.

2. Set Up a Dual-Flush Toilet

Toilets use much more water than any other thing in your home, so it’s perfectly reasonable to consider ways of reducing water waste in your toilet. A dual flush toilet is proven to reduce wastewater because most dual flush toilets have two buttons to press, one is for liquid waste and one for solid waste,  which reduces the required amount of water for liquid or fluid flushes. A structure with only one flushing alternative means you may be using so much more water than necessary.

3. Bioethanol Fireplace

A bioethanol fireplace is powered by bioethanol, denatured alcohol also known as methylated spirits bioethanol. It is produced from plant by-product starches and fermented sugar. Bioethanol fireplaces emit no fumes, provide such a lot of heat, and are far more perfectly safe than an actual wood-burning fire. 

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4. Purchase a Geothermal Heat Pump

The floor continues to maintain a more constant temperature than that of the air earlier in the atmosphere, regardless of the weather and atmosphere. Here is where geothermal heat pumps show up, pressing into underground temperatures to provide a reliable energy source known as an earth loop. 

You can use a geothermal heat pump for both seasons, implying it can be used both for heating and cooling, while also saving money over the long term and all just thanks to your ecologically friendly setup – geothermal heat pump.

5. Green Roofs Can Have An Impact

Green roofs aren’t likely to be suitable for each and every single-family household in the world, but if you want one and believe you can knock it off, why not? Green roofs are also great for the environment. They do not just look stunning, but they also shield the household, lowering electricity costs. Deploying a green roof can also improve air quality.


Living a cleaner and environment-friendly life will not only make you feel better but will also increase your productivity. Hope this article was helpful.