Ways you Can Make Your Home More Environmentally Friendly in 2021

published Apr 07, 2021
1 min read

Home Improvements
It is a proven fact that some smart home technology products have the ability to conserve energy thanks to various functionalities some devices perform, such as keeping track of energy and even making sure you use less water and electricity. As a result, a home can produce far less environmental impact.

Smart home devices are easy to use, too. They require very little effort on your part as most devices learn as they go along, remembering your exact habits and just how much wastage you might make. From there, the products can then run more smoothly and without harming the world in the process also. We can also use certain materials which are generally better for our planet, too.

Innovation in this space has been quite remarkable, especially in recent years. It’s the way of the world now, with technological advancements showing no signs of slowing down. More of us are playing games like Pokemon Go on our smartphones or playing roulette online. Then there are health trackers for our wrists, sunglasses that play music, and clever drones we can fly. It comes as no surprise to see this innovation eventually reach the home, too.

With more people than ever before aiming to make their homes more environmentally friendly in 2021, here are some ways in which you can get there too.

Consider cork flooring

You can’t really get much greener than cork flooring. Not only does it provide a home with a uniquely stunning look and feel, but it is also natural, renewable, lightweight, and versatile. Cork flooring generally lasts longer than many other flooring materials do and it’s capable of fighting off mould and mildew thanks to being an anti-microbial material.

Install a dual flush toilet

Toilets use more water than any other fixture in a home, making it perfectly viable to look at ways in which your bathroom can reduce its water wastage. A dual flush toilet is known to reduce water wastage as most dual flush toilets have two options to press, a button for liquid waste and one for solid, therefore reducing the amount of water needed for liquid flushes. A system with one option in terms of flushing means that you might be using more water than you need to.

Bioethanol fireplace, anyone?

A bioethanol fireplace runs from bioethanol, denatured alcohol that is also called methylated spirits bioethanol. It is made from starch components of plant by-products and fermented sugar. Bioethanol fireplaces don’t produce any smoke, they provide a great amount of heat, and they are most definitely safer than a wood-burning fire.


Get a geothermal heat pump

Regardless of the weather outside, the ground maintains a more consistent temperature than the air above. That’s where geothermal heat pumps come in, tapping into the underground temperatures and providing a consistent energy source which is referred to as an earth loop. You can run both your heating and cooling using a geothermal heat pump, as well as making savings in the long-term from your environmentally friendly setup.

Green roofs make a difference

Admittedly, green roofs probably aren’t suitable for every single home on the planet but if you fancy one for your home and think it can pull one-off, then why not? Green roofs are fantastic for the planet, too. Not only do they look beautifully green but they insulate the home and therefore reduce energy costs in the process. Air quality can also be made better by installing a green roof.