Five Ways for Humans to Improve the Environment

published Mar 05, 2021
2 min read

Green Forest

As an environmental impact expert, Benjamin Repperson takes a look at what we can do to improve the environment. From making minor changes in how we live to significant adjustments in every-day life, we can all do our bit to save the world.

Online casinos, like Nettcasino, have made a considerable impact on the Norwegian environment. The environmental benefits of online gaming are massive, and we can’t ignore its effect on our natural resources.

Reduce Street Pollution Through Proper Waste Management

Ditch Your Car

Fossil fuels in car engines are a significant contributing factor to carbon emissions. Since the Norwegian public transport infrastructure is well-managed and efficient, you can ditch your car and make use of this infrastructure. You can also consider ride-sharing with colleagues and friends.


When more people use public transport or even bicycles, the Norwegian government can pay attention to limiting the number of carbon-emitting vehicles and start focusing on improving the ecosystem, which will clear air-pollution.

Take Care of the Plants and Nature Around Us

Don’t Waste Food

Not wasting food might seem like an obvious statement, but food wastage is a global problem. An estimated 40% of our food ends up in the trash. Food waste turns into a harmful greenhouse gas called methane. If you find yourself buying food and throwing it away later, try keeping a journal of your eating habits. This journal can help you plan your shopping better.

You can start a vegetable garden in your yard or on your patio. Vegetable gardens are easy to maintain, and you can share food with friends and neighbors.

No-Meat Mondays

Cutting meat out even for just one day a week has a significant impact on greenhouse gases. 15% of total emissions come from meat production. It also takes an extreme amount of water to produce meat products.

Meatless Mondays is not a new concept as it was first introduced during World War 1 to curb consumption. It was revived in 2003 to help reduce the impact meat production has on the environment.

Don’t Litter

Another aspect of saving the environment seems obvious— throw your trash in a bin. Litter ends up polluting our water sources and injuring plants and wildlife. Ideally, we should only use biodegradable packaging, but the reality is not there yet. In the meantime, use the bin.

Reduce Carbon Monoxide Flow

Use Electricity Wisely

Generating electricity is one of the most prominent carbon-emitting practices worldwide, especially if coal is our electricity source.
Some practical methods:

  • Energy-efficient lightbulbs
  • Switching lights off when leaving a room
  • Unplugging chargers when our devices are fully charged
  • Use renewable energy sources in and around our homes.

It’s interesting to note that brick-and-mortar casinos are some of the biggest consumers of electricity. Many big names in casinos and gambling have started opting for online casinos, reducing electricity consumption and other adverse impacts on environments, like light and noise pollution. It’s no secret that online casinos and environment protection go hand-in-hand.

Reduce Stray Animals

Stray animals can be harmful to ecosystems and can cause diseases in indigenous animal species. Reducing the number of stray animals is an integral part of environmental management.

Stop Deforestation and Ocean Pollution

Keep Digital Files

Instead of printing all your paperwork, consider keeping digital files. There are plenty of apps and programs available to allow for digital contracts and storing important information. It’s no longer necessary to use paper to keep information. Paper storage also takes up unnecessary space, which we can use for other purposes.

You also have the option of storing documents in the cloud, which is a safer option if you’re afraid that your hard drive or storage drives malfunction. The capabilities of digital records are endless, and as technology improves, our need for the paper will decrease.


Recycling is an excellent method to fight deforestation. Use recycled products and then recycle them again. It’s also important to discard your waste correctly so that it doesn’t end up polluting the ocean.

Use Less Water

Save water wherever you can. Excess and wastewater often run into the ocean, causing pollution. The more water we can save, the less pollution will end up in the sea.

Sustainable Fishing

Support sustainable fishing initiatives to conserve ocean wildlife. These initiatives ensure that fish species live on and make sure that companies use responsible boating practices.

Final Words

It’s up to humans to improve the environment and ensure that our planet can heal. If every person can do a little bit to improve the environment, there will be a big impact in the end. It’s easy to get caught in the trap of marketing, where companies claim that their packaging or products are green. Just because something is ‘green’ doesn’t automatically imply that it’s sustainable. Do a little bit of research before purchasing products.

Make sure that you are part of the solution and not the problem. Like online casinos, you can make sure that you don’t create excessive carbon emissions with your daily practices.