A Modern Way to Encourage Green Living for Pets

published Feb 25, 2021
1 min read

How to be more environmentally friendly for your pets

In 2021, everyone is looking for ways to help fight the climate crisis, as every little thing we do in our lives can have either a positive or negative impact on our environment. So, it’s important to ensure that we are the driving force for change.

However, the same can be true of the lives of our pets, with over 1 billion domesticated cats and dogs dotted across the world alone, their contributions, and the way we look after them, also have a massive impact on the world around us.

Small Footprint Family, a blog focused around how we, as a community, can help the environment from the little things we do at home, offer information about what changes we can make to our daily routines with our pets.

Basic changes include:

  • Avoiding canned food
  • Using biodegradable instead of plastic bags to clean up after your pet
  • Avoiding purchasing all sorts of little accessories that the pet industry will attempt to sell you

All of these small changes help contribute to the fight against climate change whilst also ensuring your pet lives a happy and healthy life.

One of the biggest points Small Footprint Family likes to press on is buying pet products smartly, which includes reading labels to ensure the toys or furniture your buy your pet (if necessary), are made from natural materials.

In order to make this possible, the eco-friendly, dog-oriented website known as Wild Thought are able to provide these services. They educate their customers about the benefits of being eco- friendly, whilst tying this very easy concept in with how we can look after our dogs. Their mission, as stated on their website, is to help us all obtain the information we need to help look after everyone around us, including our planet.

Wild Thought promotes eco-friendly products just for dogs, but it’s also important that all of our pets have access to products that will allow them to live a healthy, happy lifestyle, whilst we preserve the environment that they love so much!

So, what kind of products should you be on the lookout to buy in order to help save your planet, but also help keep your pet healthy and happy?

Some good products include:

  • Natural pet food
  • Eco-friendly toys
  • Natural care products
  • Natural remedies
  • Natural treats (that they will absolutely enjoy!)

These products, combined with some simple changes we can make to the daily lives of ourselves and our pets, will allow us all to improve overall pet health, whilst simultaneously improving the health of our planet.

If we all look for new, eco-friendly ways to purchase for our pets, then we will soon be looking at a revitalised environment that our pets will thank us for.