8 Simple Changes to Make Your Workspace More Eco-Friendly

published Feb 17, 2021
2 min read

Eco Friendly Workspace

When you’re investing in your business’s betterment, you might want to consider making it eco-friendly.

For one, today’s consumers demand sustainable practices from businesses. Second, it is undeniable that businesses impact the natural and social environment where it belongs.

However, having a sustainable business does not necessarily mean renovating your office altogether. You can start with these eight changes that you can implement in the office:

Opt for Eco-Friendly Office Supplies

Many tools or equipment you have in the office aren’t made from eco-friendly or sustainable materials and processes. Nonetheless, there are eco-friendly alternatives available for some of your office supplies.

For example, you can start using 100% recycled paper or even use refillable pens made from sustainable materials. There are plenty of available sources for sustainable office supplies out there as long as you look for them, so make the switch as soon as you can.

Bring Plants to the Office

If you want to shift towards a more eco-friendly workspace, you have to incorporate more plants into the office.

With an office space that’s likely in the middle of the city, you’re probably not getting some quality indoor air. However, you can help change that by bringing in more indoor plants to the office.

You must choose the right ones so that your plants don’t end up dying. Ensure that your office plants are well taken care of, or else you probably shouldn’t start outfitting your entire office with plants.

It also helps that indoor plants help make the office look more appealing, which will boost your employees’ mood.

Reducing Your Energy Use

Energy efficiency is always an important topic to cover when it comes to making your workspace more sustainable. If you can reduce your energy usage, you reduce the resources you take up to waste.

Aside from that, becoming more energy-efficient helps save you money in the long run.

There are various ways to reduce energy usage in your company. One way is by changing or updating your light bulbs.

You can also use natural light more by using the windows and getting some natural light in the office. You can also get energy-efficient HVAC systems that don’t use up as much energy to help cool or warm your workplace.


Waste management is also a massive part of making any place more eco-friendly. You can partner up with the nearest recycling centre so you can manage office waste. However, before anything else, everyone in the office should know how to recycle.

You might want to take the time and train your employees to recycle to know which waste to put in which bin.

Embrace Renewable Energy

Harnessing renewable energy sources is excellent to make your workspace more eco-friendly. One of the popular options is installing solar panels and using solar energy to power the entire office.

These can help you get energy from the sun, and if you have a solar battery, you can store excess energy that you generated on that day. In some cases, if there’s still an excess, your power provider can pay you for it.

Aim for a Paperless Office

Going paperless and moving towards a more digital workplace is also a way to help make your work more eco-friendly. Plus, it’s a lot more convenient because that means you can access your documents anywhere at any time because they’re digital.

It also helps reduce fire hazards in the office because you don’t have as much paper lying around the office.

Enable Power-Saving or Sleep Mode

An office has plenty of computers. So if you want to optimise your CPUs for battery life as well as speed, you might want to leave them in power-saving or sleep mode when no one’s using them.

It might seem minor, but it helps reduce the energy that your computers consume while it’s idling away, which is sustainable.

Use Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

There are many ways you can make the workspace more eco-friendly that aren’t as complicated or troublesome as one might think. For one, Maid Sailors NYC Office Cleaning recommends using non-toxic cleaning products.

There are plenty of commercially-available non-toxic cleaning products that you can find in the market. Plus, it’s not a considerable effort to make the switch. You can do it today if it’s what you want to do.

Instead of reaching for the usual cleaning products you have, you can instead go for the greener cleaning solutions. You can even order straight from the manufacturers and send the cleaning products directly to the office. It’s very convenient, so there’s no massive change in your routine to start using them at home.

A sustainable business is appealing to consumers nowadays. Thus, it can help boost your brand’s perceived value, allowing you to drive qualified leads. Meaning, being eco-friendly enables you to attract customers while saving the environment.