A Minimalist Bathroom Can Improve Aesthetics with the Right Tools

published Jan 05, 2021
1 min read

Minimalist Bathroom Style

Minimalism in home décor provides a clean and neat impression, making it the perfect choice for modern bathrooms. However, that comes with attention to details like vanities and hot tub cover.

The minimalist aesthetic is very welcoming and viable for a bathroom scheme. Simple and neat lines create a clean environment. An uncluttered bathroom is ideal in this regard. There can bling in bathroom décor and you have minimalist décor in luxury bathrooms.

  • A minimalist bathroom can have an attractive and simple vanity light as an adornment. Roll your towels neatly and plant a few small plant pots to accentuate the look.
  • Indoor plants breathe fresh life into the bathroom sans adding clutter. A verdant wall décor will underline the natural theme.
  • In minimalist bathrooms, you don’t need to hide everything. You need to have dedicated spaces to keep toiletries. A recessed and remodelled wooden cubby is a good example. Indoor plants help in softening and soothing the simple lines in the bathroom design.
  • White bathrooms have numerous glossy surfaces. Use some concrete planters and rattan to add some welcome texture. You can use a stark scheme instead of a letterbox of accessories and light.

Despite their paucity of accessories, contemporary minimalist bathrooms entail a superb visual impact.

The Core Components

Bright colours are integral to minimalist bathroom design. Accessories and furniture with a simple design can achieve the perfect look without making it too empty and sterile. The furniture placement is practical and it doesn’t necessarily have handles.

  • The geometric shapes and symmetry showcase minimalist décor at its best. Choose colours like cream and white. You have the bandwidth to play with various textures and shades.
  • Simple design in functional furniture can create ample magic. Soft light and colours create a relaxing feel in the bath. You can use soft shades as your furniture background.
  • It’s important to identify spots with multiple nuances. The current trend is to segregate the shower area with border tiles or a glass wall and use a different colour. LED strips and recessed lighting help accentuate bathroom areas.

Few Rules to Follow

It all starts with sticking to a neutral palette. You can use refined grey and while marble and penny tiles, and combine it with stainless steel fixtures, black countertops, and heavy natural light to create a streamlined and clean approach.

  • Maximizing storage is another lookout. Tubs make a huge difference in this regard. They have the potential to become the cynosure when you create the space’s mood and tonality. However, it’s equally important to use the perfect hot tub cover.
  • To renovate your bathroom, you can utilise a palette of teak and white, and anchor it with an elegant and welcoming bathtub.
  • You can maximise the compact room by creating a slim storage space just above the bath.
  • You can also add special touches/options like marbles and heated floors.

Lastly, you can look East. With Japanese inspirations, you can attain one of the best minimalist looks. The custom steel or cedar tubs can do the trick.