Home Cleaning Tips: 8 Best Tips for Going Green With Your Cleaning Routine

published Dec 02, 2020
2 min read

Green Home Cleaning

Sometimes, the innocuous things that we do every day do more harm than good, and we aren’t even aware of it. For example, many households apply cleaning routines that harm the environment and the health of everyone in the house.

If you’re conscious of their impact on the environment, you might want to change your cleaning routine. If this is something you want to do, here are eight of the best tips that will help you go green using your cleaning routine.

Naturally Purify Your Air

You don’t need an air freshener to help make your indoor air cleaner and fresher. It might even be harmful to you, especially for people who are more sensitive to scents. Instead of spending money to add scents to your indoor air and possibly introducing chemicals in your air, there’s a free and easy way to help you naturally purify your air.

It’s not any secret. All you need to do is open your windows up more often. That way, fresh air can circulate your home and get rid of any lingering odour. At the same time, it can help cool your home—no need to spray air fresheners everywhere.

Try Baking Soda

Many household item staples are dual-purpose. You can use these household items that you have lying around to be your new cleaning product. Since they’re safe to use for other purposes, they’re also safe to be around as a cleaning product.

With that said, one of the household items that are dual-purpose that you should have with you at all times is baking soda.

Baking soda is for baking, but it’s also advantageous as a powerful cleaning agent. You can use it for many things.

Its abrasiveness can be scrubbing your pots, pans, and other more robust materials around the house. You can also create a paste with it when you combine it with water and get rid of stains.

Grab a Lemon

Another household item that you can use for food while also suitable for cleaning are lemons. The acidic quality of lemons also hides its antibacterial and antiseptic abilities. Aside from that, it helps that lemons smell good. Thus, you can use it to get rid of unwanted smells that are clinging inside your house.

You can even embed a half-slice of lemon in salt and use that to scrub your copper pots’ shine back. Speaking of sanitizing, you can use a lemon slice and rub it all over your cutting board to help get rid of the germs that accumulated.

Use White Vinegar

Speaking of acidic, white vinegar is another powerful antibacterial cleaning solution that should be available in your pantry. Many people who subscribe to the green cleaning lifestyle love white vinegar for its powerful cleaning abilities.

You can use vinegar for many things. You can even use it as an all-purpose cleaner if you dilute it with water and put it in a spray bottle.

White vinegar is also useful in getting rid of foul odours in your house. However, if you don’t want the vinegary smell for long, you can dilute it with water. Diluted white vinegar water is also an excellent stain remover, but make sure that you test it first, so you don’t damage whatever has the stain on it.

Throw Out Toxic Cleaners Carefully

When you start using green cleaning products that you bought or made yourself, you might want to throw away toxic cleaners as soon as possible.

However, the professional cleaners at Maid Sailors Home Cleaning Services NYC wouldn’t recommend that. It would help if you disposed of your toxic cleaners in the right way, or else you’re going to be inflicting direct damage to the environment.

You can look into how your community or locality deals with electronic recycling days and toxic items and connect with the right people. You should try contacting local recycling centres and ask them about any tips and rules that they have when it comes to the disposal of strong chemicals like your cleaning material.

Use Repurposed Dust Rags

Instead of buying kitchen or paper towels, again and again, get old shirts or any cloth that you no longer use, cut them into squares and repurpose them as dust rags. Not only will you reduce your expenditures from having to replace your paper towels, but you also can recycle old products instead of throwing them away.

Avoid Conventional Dry Cleaners

Many conventional dry cleaners use a dangerous industrial solvent that is toxic to humans and the environment. This solvent’s name is Perc or Perchloroethylene.

Before you purchase a dry cleaner, look for ones that use carbon dioxide cleaning instead or Green Earth. That way, you don’t create smog or harm yourself.

Use Coffee Grounds

If you’re a coffee lover who uses ground coffee, you might be surprised that used coffee can also serve as aromatic. So, instead of throwing them away, you can use the coffee grounds to eliminate unwanted smells.

For example, you can put some in your trash bin or flush it down your garbage disposal (if you have one) to get rid of the odour.

The tips above are but a few of the many changes you can make to your cleaning routine to help you go green. You can slowly incorporate these and change out your cleaning habits until you’re fully green. Don’t hesitate to try out new things outside of the ones on this list, but you can have a good foundation with them. Try them for yourself soon and help make the world a greener place!