Decorating with Antiques And Repurposed Items: The Eco-friendly Choice

published Dec 21, 2020
2 min read

Upcycle Antiques

In today’s eco-conscious world, when thinking about decorating your home into the stylish space you envision, it is important to think about how this can be done in the most sustainable way. Sourcing beautiful and unique antiques is one way of being more sustainable, as is repurposing old or found items into something new for the home.

Here are some tips on eco-friendly decorating options for your next project.

1. Restore Furniture

At times the easiest option when your furniture has seen its best days seems to be to give or even throw it away. However, the eco-friendly alternative is to spend a little more care and attention on restoring your furniture instead.

Try to resist the pervasive culture of throwing away items without thinking. Find a furniture restorer who can use their expertise to return your piece of furniture to you in its former glory. This will save you the money you would have spent on a new piece and bring new life to tired items.

Placing your newly restored furniture back into a room will lift and reinvigorate it and make it feel brand new.

2. Purchase Antique or Vintage Items

Vintage pieces really are all the rage. Sourcing antiques for your home helps to create a space full of character and personality.

Buying second-hand pieces brings with it a story behind each object. It is now easier than ever to shop for antiques. Why not spend a leisurely morning at one of the many flea markets across the country and hunt for a bargain? Or you could search for products online and take part in an auction to bid for your item.

Antiques promise to be one of a kind, meaning your space won’t look like a carbon copy of a home shop showroom.

3. Repurpose Your Items

Before getting rid of things in your home, think creatively about whether there is a way to repurpose the item. Upcycling is more popular than ever and is a cost-effective, creative, and calming use of your time.

Take that small vintage mirror and turn it into a show-stopping table tray. Or take a sideboard that doesn’t fit with your decor and paint a daring pattern on it which adds flair to your space. Many every-day objects can also be transformed into a desk tidy, make-up organiser, or even candles.

Think carefully about whether there is a way to turn something old into something new, providing you with a renewed sense of pleasure.

4. Invest in High-Quality Pieces

Although it may be tempting to buy cheaper items from a high street retailer, investing in solid antique pieces for your home will mean your pieces will stay with you a lot longer and keep their condition. High-quality items are well-made and durable.

An investment like this will save you money down the line as you won’t have to frequently replace cheaper items you’ve purchased due to poor quality. Breaking the cycle of fast fashion where possible is a great sustainable step to take.

5. Consider the Environmental Impact of Production

The environment is not only affected due to items being quickly disposed of, but it is also affected by the production of the items. Many of the cheap finishes and adhesives on high street products emit dangerous fumes. These pollutants damage the atmosphere. At the end of their short lives, they can also give off harmful chemicals when they reach a landfill.

Even if you continue to shop at some high street retailers for the cost, perhaps shift big purchases such as sofas, beds, and dining tables to the more sustainable antique market. Any reduction you can make to fast fashion will help to combat its effects.

At the heart of eco-friendly decorating lies a commitment to shopping sustainably, reducing waste, and upcycling old items. Getting into a habit of employing these sustainable practices will ensure that your decorating and home improvement projects do not negatively impact the environment.

Through exploring second-hand, vintage, and antique pieces, you will create a unique space for yourself, with many high-quality items that will last long into the future. And creatively repurposing items in your home will provide a sense of accomplishment and calm.