Biodiesel Goes Off-Road: The Best Off-Road Vehicles for Treasure Hunting

published Jun 16, 2020
2 min read

Off Road Vehicle

Most of the time, the treasure areas are located in hard to difficult terrain, and you need a viable solution to get there without wasting too much time. And since most treasure hunters also have a license, the most popular solution is an off-road pickup truck. However, with the growing concerns about climate change, even the activity of treasure hunting needs to adapt to modern trends.

So, the best solution is to go with biodiesel as an alternative to standard diesel. We’re going to take a look at some trucks that can run on biodiesel without needing any engine modifications. So, no matter if you’re looking for a luxury off-road vehicle or you just want something to get the job done, check out the list we prepared for you.

Chevrolet Colorado – Most Popular Biodiesel Off-Road Vehicle

One of the most popular midsize trucks on the market, the Chevy Colorado comes with a 2.8 diesel engine that can run on biodiesel without needing any upgrades. Choosing the Chevrolet Colorado does not only allow you to use less fuel for your treasure hunting trips. You also help protect the environment while you’re at it.

GMC Terrain – A Tough Vehicle for All Kinds of Terrain

Even though GMC isn’t as popular as it used to be, they still provide a very reliable off-road vehicle that can be used for many activities. Since it is also approved to function on B20 biodiesel, even the 1.6 liters turbo-diesel engine will give you the same performance on this biodiesel vehicle. With a lower fuel consumption and lower emissions, the GMC Terrain can be used both on the road and off it without worries.

Range Rover Velar – Luxury and Off-Road in One Excellent Car

We’re now talking about a different vehicle category than the ones mentioned until now. While the Range Rover is also a diesel vehicle that can also run on biodiesel without needing modifications, this model is more on the luxury side of things. Of course, those that have driven a Range Rover already know that it can handle all types of terrain and still look astonishing when you take it out to the mall or pick up your kids from school.

Range Rover Off Road Vehicle

Jaguar XE – Discover the Versatility of the Jaguar

Out of the various vehicle types presented so far, the Jaguar is probably the best mix of luxury, environmental-friendly, and off-road capable. Especially when talking about the 2018 mode of the XE equipped with a 2.0 diesel engine. On the road, you can get as much as 600 miles with a full tank of biodiesel. While it won’t take you to the same terrain as the Chevrolet Colorado, it’s still quite capable of tackling rough terrain.

Dodge Ram – Massive, Powerful, and Spacious

Most people ask themselves what is the best off road vehicle that can work on alternative fuels as well. And when you look at the Dodge Ram, you quickly understand why it’s the main choice of many Americans. Besides its huge size and very high ground clearance, the Ram has plenty of storage space for all your treasure hunting equipment. You will never have to worry about not being able to reach your destination. One more reason why this truck is often considered the best off road vehicle is due to the spacious interior. It allows you to take your friends or kids with you on treasure hunting adventures.

Dodge Off Road Vehicle

We’ve listed some of the most popular off-road vehicles. They can work on biodiesel as well as standard diesel to get you right to the spot where you think you have the best chances of finding a treasure. Of course, depending on each treasure hunter’s preferences, there’s also the possibility of using a road car and just continue on foot from where the road ends. However, if you’re going alone, the equipment can prove difficult to carry on your own.


No matter if you’re a fan of combining treasure hunting with a bit of off-road driving or you’re just focused on getting to the treasure spot as fast as possible. Getting an off-road vehicle is often your best bet. We encourage all our readers to share their thoughts on biodiesel off-road vehicles, be it for treasure hunting or any other activities. Use the comments section to share your experiences. Allow other readers to get more info on various models and how you use them to fulfil your daily activities.


Thomas Quarry is passionate about everything on four wheels. However, his biggest weakness is off-road vehicles that are also environmentally-friendly. So, it’s no wonder that he loves to talk about biodiesel off-road vehicles that can be used on a wide range of activities.