4 tips on saving money on heating in 2020

published Mar 25, 2020
1 min read

For most households in winter, heating can be an expensive necessity. But don’t fret, because there are so many things you can do in your home to save money on your heating or fuel bill, which won’t just save you a few quid, but also make your home more sustainable and welcoming. So today we’ll be going through 4 really simple ways for you to cut back on your heating expenditure this year.

1 – Put On Another Layer

We’re starting off with a really simple tip, surely told to you hundreds of times by your parents when you were little, but really sometimes a jumper can make all the difference between you being chilly or nice and toasty. An extra thick layer will insulate the heat from your body and keep you warm, as well as adding a bit of heat to you from the thickness of the material.

If you don’t have a hoodie, they’re a great item to invest in, not only can you keep your body nice and warm, but you also keep your head & neck covered up, which will surely stop you getting the chills. If hoodies and jumpers aren’t your thing, maybe a blanket could do the trick, who doesn’t love snuggling up on the sofa, wrapped up warm in a blanket after all?

2 – Cover Up Your Windows

If you don’t have double glazed windows they can be terrible at keeping the cold out. If you go near a single glazed window when it’s chilly out, you can just feel the cold as though you were standing in your garden. Luckily, you don’t need to spring out for double glazed windows to keep the cold away and the heat in, sites like DotComBlinds.com supply blinds that are thick and will keep the heat in your room and the cold outside. Keeping more heat in your home will mean you have to spend less heating up your home.

Blinds that keep out the cold will also pay off in the Summer when it’s boiling outside, the blinds will keep the heat out due to their solar reflective nature, allowing you to stay cool in the comfort of your home without splashing out on fans or pricey air conditioner units. So, blinds are a great pick up to save money year-round.

3 – Make Sure Your Home Is Insulated

Around 25% of heat lost in an uninsulated house is lost through the roof and 35% through the walls, so it’s clear to see that a lack of insulation can be the cause of 55% of lost heat in your home, meaning that you’re burning money to heat your home, only to lose most of that heat to a lack of insulation!

Getting your walls and ceilings insulated will keep the heat in your home longer and let you spend far less on heating. This will save you a tonne of money over years and years, so insulation is definitely a worthwhile expenditure to save money and make your home far more efficient.

4 – Make Sure You Don’t Have Furniture Blocking Your Radiator

Do you have a sofa or a bed in front of your radiator? Well you should move it, not only do items of furniture block the clear flow of heat around your room, but they’re also great insulators, meaning that your sofa or mattress will get warm, but you won’t.

Also, if you hang clothes up to dry over a radiator. That’s another no-no, your clothes will block the flow of heat from a radiator meaning less heat comes out into the room. This makes your boiler have to work longer to achieve the desired level of heat, which can really run up the cost of your heating.