The Impact of Climate Change on Construction Jobs

published Jan 16, 2020
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As investments in sustainable and renewable energy rise, there are a plethora of new job opportunities across several different industries. Namely, the construction industry is transforming to adapt to the addition of jobs in the clean and renewable energy sector.

Due to the impacts of climate change, it’s quickly becoming a necessity to update and improve our infrastructure to negate the severe effects of global warming. The impacts of climate change can already be seen worldwide, from the wildfires in California and Australia to the hurricanes, drought, and other severe weather crisis being experienced all around the globe.

The changing climate has led to an increased demand for renewable energy, ultimately creating more jobs in solar power, wind power, hydropower, and nuclear energy. This demand for jobs has kickstarted a transition from coal to clean energy, as a majority of U.S. adults support reducing fossil fuel consumption in favour of sustainable energy sources.

The unfortunate reality of climate change is increasing public interest in green construction methods such as modular and prefab construction, sustainable materials construction, and solar cells. Additionally, sustainable construction efforts like LEED certification are helping create a gold-standard for new construction to strive towards.

Tackling climate change head-on is helping boost our economy and save our earth–along with providing new employment opportunities, every change we make is creating a better future for our society.

Construction Jobs and Climate Change Infographic

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