How Tech Driven Facilities Can Promote Positive and Eco-Friendly Habits

published Sep 10, 2019
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Facilio at FM Expo

Securing the Future via IoT-Driven Connected Buildings

In his webinar hosted by FM EXPO, the Middle East’s leading Facilities Management event, Prabhu Ramachandran, Founder and CEO of Facilio, takes a moment to move away from your typical sales pitch to focus more on the greater good of tech-driven facilities management.

Founded in May 2017, Facilio is an IoT and AI-driven enterprise platform that centrally connects building performance data and enables friction-less facilities management across entire portfolios. The technology is currently used by leading enterprises to optimise over 30 million sq. ft. of space globally.

This September, Facilio will participate at FM EXPO 2019, where they will be showcasing their IoT-driven enterprise solution for centralised and connected facilities. The team has steadily developed its Machine Learning capabilities to build predictive fault diagnostics models and AI-derived insights to create seamless experience and sustainable buildings.

Shifting the conversation away from facilities owners and towards facilities consumers, Prabhu Ramachandran, Founder and CEO of Facilio touches on the topic of sustainability management asked:

The best way to save energy on a grand scale is to save it every day. How about from every building, and even from every unit?”

On the opportunities in the region, Prabhu evaluates that

Nearly $30 billion is going to be spent on retrofitting Dubai’s buildings to meet its energy management objectives, with Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Jordan, and Kuwait also actively joining the retrofit movement.”

Discussing the sustainability agenda, Prabhu explains that by introducing accessible, mobile, and transparent apps for all stakeholders, centrally across a portfolio of buildings, owners/operators can do more than just ensure the smooth operation of operations and maintenance.

By making building performance and energy consumption trends available to tenants and occupants, property owners can actually enable desirable habits, ultimately saving long term OpEx costs of the building, improving sustainability, and increasing asset lifespan.

“For example, a tenant renting out two floors of a building can know that they are the second most efficient tenant in the building, this can then be communicated to occupants, offering an opportunity for celebration and a greater desire to lead a conscious lifestyle in the unit and beyond,”

he said.

The theme of connectedness runs deep within the core values at Facilio – they continuously work to develop innovative ways of bringing together people, machines, and processes, across multiple locations without having to add to or uproot the existing automation infrastructure.

Find Prabhu Ramachandran at the Facilio stand (ArB251) at FM EXPO 2019 for valuable face-to-face networking opportunities between 17 – 19 September 2019. He will also be speaking at the FM Forum sharing real-world insights on Transitioning as Value Creators via Connected and Real-time Facilities Management. Held at the Dubai World Trade Centre Arena, FM EXPO returns with an extended product variety set to cover Technology, Specialised Support Services, Cleaning Services, Waste and Recycling and Energy Management.

To capitalise on the expanding disciplines of the facilities management industry, FM EXPO will also host over 40 free-to-attend and certified FM Forum talks, and the second edition of the Waste & Recycling Summit.

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