Eco-Friendly Tips for Taking Care of Your Lawn

published Aug 14, 2019
2 min read

Eco-Friendly Lawn Mowing

Your lawn is the centipede of your home! Everything starts with the lawn and the surrounding part of your house. Keeping everything nice and organised essentially makes your living area better. If you keep things in check, your living area will have a natural look to itself.

But as most gardeners advise, you have to treat everything around your house as a connected ecosystem. View it as a unique entity which will work in tandem with you to create a perfect home. But for that to work, you should start thinking about using some eco-friendly methods for maintaining your lawn.

Simply saying, an environmentally friendly approach has lots of benefits that you are not aware of. It doesn’t only make your lawn cleaner but it also makes it safe. After you adopt certain eco-friendly methods you will see how much better things can be.

Here are some favourable tips that can help you maintain an eco-friendly lawn.

The Overuse of Chemicals Is Dangerous

A lot of people are not aware of how dangerous chemicals and pesticide actually are. They do help you maintain your lawn in a certain way and are very effective in keeping the pests out. But sometimes they do much more harm than good.

Using too much of certain pesticide can be toxic for the environment. Gardeners usually use them to keep the lawn safe from weeds and parasites, but it can also lead to poisoning the area as well. Certain chemicals used in gardening are carcinogenic in high concentrations, while some fertilisers have been proven to cause algae blooms. People from the most professional UK gardening firm advise that regular weeding is a much better path to a prosperous lawn and they often criticise those who resort to using too many chemicals.

Don’t Consume Too Much Water

You do not need to water your lawn so much. Every lawn needs approximately an inch of water and most people who do not realise this end up consuming too much of it. It actually does not help your lawn that much if you over water it and it will not look good on your water bill when it arrives at the end of the month.

A quick fix could be installing a smart irrigation system which will regulate the water consumption and water the lawn when necessary. But you can also resort to doing it the old fashioned way with a rain gauge with a vial and ruler. That way you will know exactly how much after you have consumed. Also, use rain barrels and connect them to your roof gutter’s downspout. That way you save on water consumption and put it immediately to good use.

Eco-Friendly Mowers

Most gardeners are still using petrol to power their mowers. This does not bode well for the grass nor the air. And let’s not forget the noise that those dreadful things make. So an alternative way is an electric mower. It is as easy as using an electric shaver. Just plug it in and start mowing your grass without effort or the danger of contaminating your lawn with petrol and the air with gas fumes.

But if you really want to get completely eco-friendly, a push mower is the best way to go. Using an electric one is better than a petrol-powered one but it still consumes energy. But the only energy that you will be consuming when using a push mower is your own. It’s a great way to exercise though. Push mower has everything that electric mowers have and work on the same principle but they do not use up added energy and also take care of your electricity bill as well.

Attract Good Bugs and Pollinators

As mentioned already, protecting your lawn the old fashioned way is more favourable and eco-friendly. But the best way is to let nature take its course. Make it so you attract as many pollinators as you can. You can do that by planting natives around your lawn and they will answer the call to make your lawn better. You will notice that your lawn will start flourishing instantaneously.

As there are bad bags there are also good bugs. These bugs are essentially your guard force in protecting your lawn from unwanted critters. The good bugs will make sure that the bad bugs don’t overtake your lawn too much and that they do not eat all the herbs in it. A healthy balance needs to be maintained and it can all be done in a natural way.