How Content Marketing Can Help the Solar Industry Progress Further

published Jul 30, 2019
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The solar industry has been thriving in recent years. Part of it can be attributed to the various marketing strategies that have been employed by solar professionals over time. However, despite the continuous rise of the industry, there is one marketing strategy that solar professionals fail to take advantage, which is a shame because this strategy is incredibly helpful in moving businesses forward. And this marketing strategy is content marketing.

Defining Content Marketing

Essentially speaking, content marketing is the form of marketing that focuses on sharing educational, entertaining, and insightful information to your potential customers instead of forcing a sales pitch at them.

Content marketing can include various aspects in its process like creating and editing videos, social media posts, blogposting and so on.

With that said, this form of marketing makes use of blogging as its primary vehicle. A company will write blog posts that inform people towards the best course of action, and these blog posts will be posted on a regular basis so as to build a loyal readership among their audience. This loyal readership may then convert the readers into a company’s buyer.

In other words, content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that attracts potential buyers by creating relevant content and making them loyal readers first and foremost.

How Can Content Marketing Help the Solar Industry?

Content marketing is more organic in convincing people towards the buying action

Every business out there knows that there are four steps in a customer’s buying cycle. These four are awareness, research, consideration, and then buy.

Traditional advertising focuses more on the last two steps. But that can be a problem because people need more convincing before they buy something. Sure, solar installation sounds great, but why exactly do they need to buy it? This, then, is the primary goal of content marketing: to answer that question why.

Content marketing aims to tackle the first two steps of the buying cycle to convince people to do the last two. This form of marketing will first inform readers of a problem they needed fixing (awareness). And then it will inform them of the possible solutions to that particular problem (research). Once they’re well-informed enough, the readers will take it upon themselves to consider which solutions they want to buy eventually.

Long story short, content marketing is more organic in going through the four steps of the buying cycle. It also helps that content marketing has a helper in the form of Search Engine Optimization solarmetric (SEO). With SEO, content marketing can help solar business skyrocket in no time.

Content Marketing Fosters Trust

For a lot of people, the solar industry is relatively new. So, when they’re just beginning to educate themselves, they’d need someone they can trust. And with content marketing, you can achieve just that. Once you’ve consistently posted blog posts with reliable information, people would think that you’re a thought leader in the solar industry. And soon enough, that trust will convince the readers to buy your products and services.


Marketing is essential in helping the solar industry succeed. But one particular marketing strategy that has proven to be incredibly helpful is content marketing.

Content marketing is the form of marketing that focuses on creating relevant content in the form of blog posts to attract potential customers. It has two primary reasons why solar businesses should take advantage of it. First, content marketing convinces people into buying your products and services more organically. And second, it fosters trust and loyalty in your readership, which will be helpful in the long run since it’s the trust that will make people your loyal customers. And aside from that, it’s the trust that will make people convince others to do the same for you.

So, you see, content marketing is incredibly helpful in progressing the solar industry. That is why everyone in this industry should implement it. It’s the only way to ensure that the solar industry will continue to rise in the years to come.

Author’s Bio: Willie JiangWillie Jiang

In the fight against the climate crisis, Willie Jiang believes that content marketing can push the energy revolution moving faster. As an SEO expert, he has helped countless brands grew their organic traffic by 10X and now he wants to share his insight with the renewable energy industry.