Wind Farms to Power Global Cities

published Jan 18, 2019
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Wind Farms

More and more cities are striving to become environmentally friendly in recent times, with some even going above and beyond to ensure they’re some of the most eco-friendly in the world. One of the big changes we’ve seen in recent times is the use of more renewable energy sources in cities, such as solar power and wind power. But could wind farms really power entire cities?

What Are Wind Farms?

A wind farm is effectively a group of wind turbines in one location, which are used to produce electricity. These may be small, with just a handful of wind turbines, or areas spanning hundreds of square miles. There are also offshore wind farms, such as Walney Wind Farm in the UK, which is the largest offshore wind farm in the world.

Powering Global Cities

According to researchers, wind farms have the potential to produce up to 40 times the electricity that the entire planet uses. However, currently wind power is producing just 4% of what we consume. As it gets cheaper to produce wind farms, it’s likely we’ll see a huge rise in the number of them being built – particularly offshore, as this makes it easier for countries without a lot of land space.

This clever tool shows how many offshore wind turbines are needed to power the world’s major cities and it’s surprising to see some of the results. However, it’s predicted that a third of global electricity will come from solar and wind power by 2040, meaning those offshore wind farms are more than just a pipe dream.

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