UK Solar Power Distribution Rates and Opportunity

published Jan 24, 2019
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Photovoltaic System

Over the years, the use of solar power in the UK has increased significantly. This can be attributed to the increasing change in technology and the willingness and ability of people to adjust to such changes. The UK solar power distribution rates and opportunity have been noted to be developing slowly as compared to the other countries. However, solar power has been embraced over time because of the reduction of costs of equipment and availability of public subsidies.

Opportunities in the Solar Power Sector

Consequently, new investments in the solar power distribution industries are increasing as well. The growth of the sector has been stimulated by the government’s decision to remove a 5 MW capacity on projects which suit subsidies through the Feed-In Tariff. Moreover, growth in the sector has been motivated by the arrival of cheaper solar panels from China. The new arrivals helped in showcasing the relevance of the photovoltaic technology.

“For suitable properties, there is currently a missed opportunity for homeowners to not only help the environment but also help their wallets in the long term. The lack of uptake is often simply due to the lack of knowledge around the benefits of domestic solar power”, Alastair Kay from Green Business Watch.

Well, using photovoltaic technology comes with many advantages such as widening the scope of applications of solar power, reducing carbon emissions as well as reducing costs. The photovoltaic panels can be used on public spaces, building facades and windows. These types of advances are of excellent service as the technologies applied will aid to meet carbon emission reduction aims and also achieve the target of lower power cost and widespread use of solar power in the UK.

Solar Power Distribution in the UK

It is accurate to say that the UK is prospering in the renewable energy sector which is majorly contributed by solar power. The United Kingdom set a target of 15% growth of its renewable energy sector. Reports indicate that large scale schemes of solar power production have increased in the UK photovoltaic solar panels. Besides, advancement in technology of solar power sector has made the solar panels more efficient; therefore the cost of solar energy has decreased significantly.

Solar Fields in the UK

In as much as the United Kingdom is not known for being warm, solar power production still operates as expected. Solar fields are also referred to as solar parks or solar farms, and they have been set up in the UK. They consist of interconnected solar panels set up to get high amounts of solar energy at the same time. They are mostly located in the rural and agricultural area and are made for large solar power generation which goes directly to the national grid.

The Biggest Solar Field in the UK

Shortwick Solar Farm in North Wales. It is a 250-acre field with a capacity 72.2 megawatts. Reports showcase that the solar energy produces in the Short Solar Farm powers over 11,000 homes. [2]Drawbacks Facing the Solar energy Generation in the UK Although the efforts as mentioned above have upscaled solar energy generation in the UK, various factors are challenging the solar power sector.

Firstly, the government announced the unavailability of subsidies for solar energy production. There has been a decline in the government’s support of the solar power sector in the UK. Even though efforts have been made to improve the UK solar power distribution rates and opportunity, the country still needs support from the government to enhance solar power production.