Are We Living in a Material World? [Infographic]

published Oct 12, 2018
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We are all guilty of owning things we don’t necessarily need, and we often buy things in excess, such as clothing. A recent survey commissioned by Ready Steady Store revealed that clothing was within the top five items people in the UK collect.

The survey found that 20% of people in the UK wear less than a quarter of their wardrobe and only 3% wear everything in their wardrobe. The worrying part of these stats is that the majority of unwanted clothing often end up in landfills, due to the lack of knowledge there is when it comes to recycling them properly.

Luckily, the survey found that people in the UK do consider the environment when they get rid of their unwanted clothing with 67% of people opting to give their clothing to charity and 32% recycling them correctly.

An infographic created off the back of the survey reveals more interesting stats around the things we keep in our homes, how we dispose of them, and why we often struggle to do so. You can see all this below!

Material World Infographic