EV Specialists Are to Conquer the Challenges of Transformation to E-Mobility in Berlin on November 7th

published Aug 21, 2018
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E-mobility & Charging Infrastructure Forum

World’s leading professionals will gather together in Berlin on November 7-8 at the E-mobility & Charging Infrastructure Forum to address and find solutions on how to successfully transform the transportation sector to electric mobility and significantly reduce local air pollution, climate change impacts and oil usage.

Electric Vehicles are soon to dominate the urban transportation sector, but a lack of charging infrastructure still presents a barrier to growth in the electric vehicle market. Although electricity itself is ubiquitous, its transmission, distribution, and retail charging options for electric vehicles are not.

To help you transition to e-mobility and move forward towards a consumer-centric mobility market, we have invited over 40 industry professionals to guide you through mobility integration processes. In 2 days of interactive sessions, panel discussions and networking, attendees will learn how to deal with some of the following challenges:

  • Enabling new charging-related business models
  • Creating a superior user journey with connectivity
  • Overcoming challenges of the fast charging infrastructure
  • Maintaining a balance between EVs and grids by strengthening and modernizing the latter
  • Improving e-mobility with wireless charging
  • Complying with the Calibration Law
  • Integrating ultra-fast charging solutions within the power grids of smart cities
  • Developing smart vehicle-to-grid integration to face growing energy demands from EVs
  • Using battery storage to help charge the EV market

Amongst event participants are directors, executives, heads, presidents and managers responsible for e-mobility, electric powertrain, PHEV, Advanced Engineering, EV Innovation, Charging Infrastructure and more from automotive, utilities and renewable energy industries. For more information about speakers, schedule, prices and registration details please check the website: https://www.emobility-charging-infrastructure.com/ or request the agenda now.

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