How Can Companies Make Eco-Friendly Products If They Want to?

published Mar 01, 2018
2 min read

Today in any business you can make a lot of changes if you want to make your company or product eco-friendly. A lot of companies invest a lot of time and resources to make their whole management eco-friendly. Few things that every company can do use are little things like using the recycled paper, print on both sides of papers, transform all document in digital formats, use eco-friendly web hosting, recycling, stop using materials unnecessarily and a bunch of other ways. These examples are easy ways how you can turn your small company into a green company.

But, I want to talk about the creative things you can do while producing the eco-friendly product. Don’t get me wrong, those are great ways and every company needs to use this simple tricks.

For example, let’s talk about foosball tables. Everyone knows what a foosball table is and how it looks. We need to admit that a lot of users love to play foosball and enjoy hanging with friends. But did you ever ask yourself is a foosball table as an eco-friendly product? In most cases of its parts of the production, it is not. Foosball tables are made from wood, plastic, steel, vinyl and common material that are not eco-friendly. So, let’s talk how one company that produces foosball tables can make their foosball tables eco-friendly. In three examples I will try to think like an owner of the company that wants to build the eco-friendly product and shows you what they can do.

Example #1

They can use the same shape and same process of building table but they with the usage of recycled materials to build foosball tables. In most part that will not be possible because a lot of other companies will use cheap materials without thinking about the environment. So, they can use this type of material and in the most common scenario, they will fail. Being eco-friendly unfortunately isn’t cheap.

Example #2

In second scenario companies can reduce materials on minimum and reduce using materials like plastic and vinyl that are not eco-friendly. But, then other companies probably will have nicer or better product. This is another issue where the market doesn’t allow an easy transition into an eco-friendly product.

Example #3

Like the owner of some company I want to think about something creative, I want to think out of the box. So what if the company builds a product that has a totally different construction of foosball table and uses a totally different type of materials. Yes, I’m talking about the new product. If a company produces foosball tables for more than 50 years why to apply all that knowledge to something else. Imagine building real foosball table from recycled cardboard. Yes, cardboard is a great material that can be recycled also can have very good construction characteristic. On the other hand, that sort of product will be something new on the market of the foosball table, modern, cool and part of the lifestyle. Try to think on the cost of producing and cost of shipping that you will reduce.

After all, yes it is possible to reduce the cost of the old products and make it green or produce something revolutionary in your industry. You just need to think about some creative way and using materials that are eco-friendly. In the end, I want to say that I know that product like this foosball table already exists but the advertisement isn’t done properly. But I want to use some of the real examples how every company always can improve their product on eco-friendly base.

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Mark is a blogger and a big foosball enthusiast who has traveled the world with his perfect foosball hobby. Due to that, he has played foosball on many different foosball tables and he gathered the knowledge in his blog Foosball Zone. He made reviews of all foosball tables on the market and every review you can check out on his blog right here