Sustainable Roof Options for Your Home

published May 22, 2017
2 min read


All home-owners need to replace or repair their roof shingles at some point and if you are building a home you need to keep this in mind. Roofs need to withstand harsh weathers and be the “protector” of your home, that is why choosing a quality roof should be on top of your list when building a new home. If you are choosing a new roof for your old or new home it would be in your best interest to buy a sustainable one so that it can last for more than 20 years.

Another aspect to consider is the “green” factor. Together with the green movement, for the sake to remove the carbon footprint from our planet, we should realize that building green is beneficial to our own health as well. Some conventional roof and building material are not good for the health of people. It compounds may cause irritations or can be toxic to those who are present in them. Some conventional building materials can also urge moisture buildup that leads to mold and mildew problems.

Choosing the right kind of roof can actually save you money over time. Certain roofs these days are constructed in such a way to help your home maintain its energy, saving you on energy bills. Other advanced roofs have the ability to produce energy for your home.

With all these factors to keep in mind, roof choosing can become quite an overwhelming process. But, not to worry as most sustainable roofs these days have more than one of these factors, if not all. The only thing you have to do is to see which fits best into your budget and climate.

Here are some modern, sustainable roofing options available:

Recycled Shingles

Roof shingles are made from recycled waste material, such as plastic, rubber or wood fiber. Some products come from post-consumer waste and other from post-industrial waste. They do not just look nice, but they are incredibly durable. They are considered very eco-friendly, because they keep waste out of the landfills and there is no need to process raw materials, this reduces pollution and lowers energy consumption. If you choose recycled shingles you can be sure that they will last, because many of them come with a 50-year warranty and their low fire rate could lower your insurance rates.

Living roof


These roofs are literally covered by grass and vegetation. The growing medium gets planted over a waterproofing membrane. It may also include more layers such as a root barrier and drainage and irrigation systems. By installing a green roof you can help cut the negative impact of construction while providing many environmental, economic, and social benefits. They can reduce runoff during a storm, they help to improve water quality and they reduce noise and air pollution. With green roofs, extra space is provided for urban agriculture and even a habitat for wildlife. In your home you can benefit from lower heating costs and your roofing membrane will last longer.

Solar power roof

Solar allows you to generate your own electricity, which lowers your utility bill and gives you greater control over both, your home energy production and consumption. Solar power is improving consistently over time and is becoming more affordable. Solar roofs help us to turn to the sun for energy without creating carbon emission, making us less dependent on fossil fuels. Not only would you help the planet but you will Increase the value of your home.

These are the basics of a few sustainable roofs out there. Some of the roofs can be combined to get the ultimate effect, for instance, a green roof with added solar panels. Like with almost everything in life, quality usually does not come cheap and when it comes to roofs the same rule applies. You do need to keep in mind though, that the longer the roof is guaranteed, the better the quality and the more you get your money worth.

Matt is a home improvement writer working for Georgia Roof Pro; promoting new building techniques and solar energy use.