How To Power Your Home Renewable Energy Systems?

published Mar 09, 2017
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Of late, there has been a significant rise in the energy costs and the need to protect our mother nature from the dangerous effects of climate change, increased focus is being given to the renewable energy. While finding some of these sources are not that easy over the past few years, new avenues are opening up for varied accessible, affordable, and exciting ways to power our way of life.   

Here are the top 7 ways in which you can power your homes with the help of renewable energy systems.

Biomass Combustion Boilers

Such boilers use waste wood and other biomass for the generation of both electricity and steam. It is imperative to note that the type of emission produced is reliant on the type of biomass. However, when you convert biomass into gas, you make sure you harness cleaner energy with low emission. You can easily see biomass combustion boilers being used by the farmers in the farms.

Solar Panels

When you consider renewable power, using a solar panel is considered one of the most logical and common methods. They are installed on the roof of your house, although if you wish they can be installed in your yard as well. The orientation and latitude of the panels are two key elements that will play a major role in generating 10 or more watts per sq feet. As per experts, a standard house consumes a kilowatt of power; therefore a few square feet of solar panels will suffice most of your needs related to power.  

Wind Turbines

You can commonly see wind turbines in the wind farms or floating offshore, but you can also install a tiny wind turbine to power your home if you have ample space on your property. There are some negative aspects of the wind turbines, owing to which they are less used in the residential areas. These turbines don’t have a pleasant shape and it also makes a huge sound, making it inappropriate for residential installation.

Moreover, you will also have to check whether it is legal to have a wind turbine and it also covers a lot of space as well. But, if you are fine with all these negative aspects, then a wind turbine can really prove useful to you. As compared to solar, wind power is considered more stable and if you have a good-sized wind turbine, it can easily satisfy your electricity needs. It is undoubtedly a better renewable investment as compared to solar.   


Solar Oven

There may be a situation where you don’t feel comfortable powering your home with renewable energy. It is indeed a major project and probably it is just not feasible for all kinds of reasons. But, you can still make the best use of renewable energy that can power your home i.e. by making a solar oven. Yes, building a solar oven does sound like a science fair project, but see on the brighter side, it consumes less amount of electricity.

You can use the sun to heat your food items; this is one of the easiest ways of making the best use of renewable energy. Solar ovens are capable of trapping the sunlight and this is how it proves helpful in heating the food. You have two options, either you can purchase a solar oven or you can build your own. There are two main advantages of using a solar oven – you don’t need to buy anything in which you can heat your food, thus saving you a significant amount of money, and secondly they will even work when there is no power.

Hydro Power

This is something that will not work for everyone, but if you have a property with some source of flowing water then it will surely prove beneficial to you. All that is required is to divert the stream so that it flows through the turbine and in return it will provide power to your home. There are various ways in which this can be done, but the best way is to identify the most distance that the water can move and redirect it to flow via a turbine.

Depending on the two key things – volume of water flowing and the vertical distance, you will be able to produce a significant amount of power. But, all this is not easy to set up make sure you have taken the assistance of a professional in this.

Solar Water Heating

Generating electricity is not the only thing that the solar power has to do. The heat of the sun can also be used to heat your home. With the help of sun’s energy, solar water heaters are able to heat water in the reservoir, which is then pumped via showerheads or radiators. This system proves far cheaper as compared to using electricity or gas.

Solar Air Conditioning

Yes, you may feel awkward to heat your home using the sun’s heat, but this is exactly what solar air condition does. When it comes to the functioning of the solar air conditioning, it also works on the same principle of the solar water heater, but it makes use of the hot water in the air conditioning system.

Not many people are aware of the fact that air conditioning consumes the maximum electricity in your home. Moreover, it also proves costly every year, especially when it is central air and you are living in a country with a hot climate. When you use hot water to cool your home, then you are not only saving a significant amount of money but it is also beneficial for the environment as well. In addition, this hot water can also be used for varied other applications in your home.

So, you should try your best to keep our environment clean and this can only be possible by using renewable energy and if you want to know more on this, you can dial EDF energy contact number.

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