How to Save Extra Pounds on Energy and Heat Pumps

published Aug 18, 2016
1 min read

How to save extra pounds on energy saving and heat pumps (1)

Got a utility bill that is big enough to make you compromise your dream luxury holiday? You feel like you have tried everything to reduce your utility consumption, and still that bill keeps inflating?

You are not alone; simply because it has been long enough that everyone is depending on scarce fossil fuels as main source of power and heat, and with high demand comes high prices.

Maybe it is about time to switch to a more simple and natural source of power that we can rely on in the long-term, hence our environment!

One way to do this is to use geothermal energy systems. Since their first introduction by Peter von Rittinger in 1855–1857, geothermal energy systems or ground  source heat pump systems (GSHP) and technologies have developed dramatically to both serve in saving our planet and our utility costs.

GSHP use the natural heat from earth to heat and cool your home temperature and water. Heat pumps can be used to run several domestic applications such dryers and dishwashers.

Why Heat Pump Systems Are More Efficient Than Other Conventional Systems?

Cost efficiency is the top reason why using geothermal energy from heat pump systems is plausible. In fact, you do not have to exclusively rely on fossil fuel, but instead you are able to use  the renewable energy from the underground.

The second reason is since there is no combustion, then it is safe to use as there will be no risk of emission of carbon monoxide in your house. Hence, geothermal energy systems are quiet, dependable, safe, and require little maintenance.

Heat Pumps Gone Smart

With the expansion of smartgrid technologies and applications, heat pumps can also be used more efficiently by using M2M ( machine to machine) control boards that will help you automate and control your heating system from distance.

After going through the stunning science of heat pump systems and if you are thinking about proceeding and installing a heat pump system in your house, here are few tips on how to buy and use heat pumps for extra EXTRA efficiency.

5 Tips to Save Cash on Heat Pump Systems

1.Energy Star® Label
First and foremost, the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) suggests looking for the ENERGY STAR® qualified heat pumps which are super energy efficient. This could save you more than 100 pounds a year on running costs, compared to a non-qualified models.

2.Understand The Energy Rating Label
All heat pumps have energy rating label to help you compare the efficiency of the heat pump model. Simply, look for more stars because this translates to higher energy efficiency.

3.Only Heat When You Need
With smart home come smart heat pumps; and yes, modern heat pumps can be controlled using your smartphone from a distance. Use online applications to turn on the heat pump only shortly before you get home, and turn it off when you leave it .

4.Do Not Overheat
The healthy temperature that you actually need when you are indoors during winter is between 18–21°C.

5.Go Geo-Solar
Boost your efficiency and increase your return on investment by combining two green energy systems: solar systems and heat pump systems . This will reduce your heating costs by up to 50-70% compared to conventional heating options.