Everyday Energy Generation

published Jul 01, 2016
1 min read


Generating energy has never been easier. With the latest technology, your daily activities can help produce energy for your everyday needs. Nowadays biking, walking, dancing and driving can all produce green energy.

Energy Generating Bicycles

Want to play a small but important role in energy generation? Why not help power your TV, your speakers, or store energy while pedaling at the gym or in your living room? Get exercise while lowering your hydro bill and being green! A hotel in Denmark even encouraged guests to lower their footprint and produce green energy by pedaling in order to get food vouchers for the hotel restaurant!

Energy Generating Floors

Simply taking a stroll can now help generate clean energy. The weight from your footsteps as you walk across the Pavegen system produces power when and where it is needed. The system can also connect to a selection of mobile devices as well as building management systems. In pedestrian zones, the flooring system is able to provide on-demand lighting that illuminates your walking path, and can power billboards and signage, or provide electricity to nearby appliances.

If you’re more of a dancer, you can also contribute to electricity generation. The sustainable dance floor is an energy dance floor that is able to convert kinetic energy from people dancing into electricity, and can power the floor’s LED lights as well as surrounding appliances.


Energy Generating Shoes

Want to turn your footsteps into power while out and about? EnSoles lets you replace your standard insoles, allowing your shoes to power usb devices. Any power generated is stored in external battery packs that are attached to your shoes.

Energy Generating Speed Bumps

Adding speed bumps to streets, whether on a public road or in a parking lot, can now be beneficial not only to control your speed, but they can also have the added benefit of producing energy. Energy generating speed ramps, designed by Peter Hughes, can generate 10-36 kW of green power with the continuous passage of traffic over the ramps. The energy produced can power the street and traffic lights within a 1.5 km stretch of road, or it can be stored for future use.

Want to do your part for the environment? Consider these neat ways to go about your daily routine while being green!