Eden’s Gardens in London

published Jun 02, 2016
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green_roof_cityHere are some tips for those who want to develop their green thumb, even when living in a city center

You are on a plane and you are about to land in London. You are looking out the window and you realise that you cannot see the roofs of the buildings. You only see green geometric shapes; but, the closer you get the more you realize that the buildings are still there. However, instead of gray roofs, there are lush and colorful gardens.

Have you caught the wrong plane? Are you in heaven? No, this is just what London may look like in the near future, if people continue growing vegetables and green spaces on their roofs.

The fast growing movement of green roofs and gardens are a reality not only in London, but also in Liverpool, Nottingham and Birmingham, as well as across Europe and Asia.

Now, moving on to the practical side, what does it mean to have and take care of a green roof? What are the benefits?

gree_roof_countryside (1)Eden’s Garden on your roof

The European Federation of Green Roof Associations (EFB) explains why you should have a green roof or green walls in order to contribute to a higher quality of life for those people living in urban spaces. Among the pros, this type of gardening:

  • lowers the level of air pollution
  • provides natural noise insulation and thermal insulation
  • embellishes and protects roofs

The Expert’s Advice

David Matzdorf, architect and advanced gardener, wrote an article for Livingroofs.org, an independent organization that promotes living roofs and green roofs in the UK. The article describes his experience building his very own green roof.

Among his most valuable and technical tips, especially for those who are approaching this type of cultivation for the first time, David emphasizes that it is hard work. It is especially challenging at the beginning when you have to bring the plants on the roof.

David takes care of an astonishing 900m2 rooftop garden, and his hard work has resulted in his neighborhood nicknaming him “The Man on the Roof”. If the area of your balcony is not that big, don’t worry, your job will be much easier!

How Can I Use My Balcony: Money and Space-Saving Solutions

Are you enthusiastic about growing tomatoes and cucumbers on your balcony? Check out some of the most useful videos that can help you with all your gardening needs.

But remember, “it is better if you use plants that belong to the ecosystem in which you want to grow them;” suggests the Danish biologist M.E.K. “you will preserve biodiversity and, in addition, you will maximize the possibility that the garden survives for as long as possible“.

Setting up a rooftop garden is cheap and is even ideal for very small spaces. So, you have no excuse not to become a green roofer!