Another friend of the environment: indoor solar lights

published Jun 01, 2016
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You heard a lot of fuss about solar garden lights, but as a home owner, you know that lighting plays a very significant role in creating a wonderful home interior design. Therefore choosing the way in which you will illuminate your home is an important task which requires of you to think about performance, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness of a lighting product.

So if you ask the environment who’s its best friend, the answer is Solar Power. Well, this best friend is a rather capable and generous one, spreading its usage throughout the world. And now, let’s welcome it to our homes in the form of light.

Why choose solar lights?

Solar lights can be both decorative and functional.

Installing solar lights in your home will significantly decrease the cost of your power bills. The estimated saving is around 30%.

Backup system
If the weather or other unpredicted situations lead to a power outage, you are safe and sound with your solar lighting system running at zero cost.

Solar lights are powered by a renewable energy source and they represent a completely clean source of illumination. You are not burning fossil fuels, and therefore are being energy efficient.

No Maintenance
When you set up your solar lighting system, it will require very little or no attention. Even though it has a few movable parts it is made to last for a long time.

Energy storage
Solar lighting systems can hold charges for an amazingly long period of time, which makes them very practical.

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How does solar power lighting work?

Solar lighting system employs solar panels which catch sun rays when they touch the surface. As the sunlight reaches the photovoltaic cells (basic component of solar panels) through a chemical reaction, a flow of current is generated. These cells gather the power and transfer it to the battery, which is used for power storage. The LED solar lights are then powered through the energy stored in the battery. As you can see, the process itself is quite simple.

What do you need?

Solar lighting kitFrom the paragraph above, you can pretty much conclude yourself that you will be needing:

  • A solar panel
  • A battery
  • LED lights

And this is basically what makes one Indoor Solar lighting kit. Some of them also have an external charger. Various types of kits are widely available online, ranging in prices from $30 and above.

The bright future

When you are considering of using solar energy, you must have in mind that this is a long-term solution. Scientists and expert predict a very bright future for solar energy. Some of these predictions include a cost drop (which already started), very low CO2 emission, safe technology, effective source of stable energy. Not to mention that it will never cause damage to the ecosystem and wildlife no matter where it is installed. So, having this technology light up your home is a real treasure.

Latest developments

Currently, the scientists made a groundbreaking discovery of graphene, a material who has the possibility of capturing solar energy from indirect sunlight. The material is integrated into solar cells and placed indoor. This would be a great solution for indoor solar lighting systems as well as the powering of other household devices.

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Author: Dragana Popovic, Solar Generators Review.