Why Doing Research Is Important When You Decide to Go Green

published May 23, 2016
1 min read

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If you are thinking about going green and investing in more sustainable ways to receive and use energy, you are taking a step in the right direction. At least when it comes to saving on your energy bills and your carbon imprint on the environment. But, it is important to keep in mind that this step is a costly investment. So before going green in the form of solar panels for example, make sure to research properly first.

Going Green Is an Investment

Say you might want to save on your energy bill or lessen your carbon footprint on the environment. Say you are thinking about purchasing solar panels, a cleaner boiler or a heat pump, you might soon find out that there is quite the price tag that hangs on these appliances.

To give an example, in the UK the price range for solar panels is between £1,500 and £20,000 pounds. For a combi boiler – a very clean and sufficient boiler – the price ranges between £500 and £2,000 pounds. Also, note that on top of these prices you will have to pay installation costs as well. Not all households can cough up this amount of money. Although, a purchase now can be a good long-run investment when selected carefully.

Do not let these prices scare you off entirely. The UK government often supports a greener and cleaner ways of obtaining and using energy. This support is mostly shown through the existence of grants. So let part of your research be checking out the website of your local government.

Find Out What Fits Your Household Needs

When purchasing solar panels, clean boilers or heat pumps the cost will depend on your personal situation, household size, and consumption needs. Depending on the size of your household different KWhs will determine the efficiency of your solar panel system. Another example: combi boilers work more efficient for smaller households.

Doing your homework will lead to a purchase that will be a good fit with your current home and needs. You will not have to spend more money than needed and you will not buy something that is not up to par.


Go For Quality

When spending a lot of money on a big purchase it is important to get what you pay for. As a customer, you want and deserve quality. Part of the definition of an investment is that you will have return benefits at some point and over a longer period of time.

So do research on which brands and/or suppliers out there are reputable. The different brands and suppliers are competitors and although it is easy to fall for their sales pitches, by doing just a little research on your own you can figure a lot out.


So the message is: do your research before going green. Now comes the how. A good way to start is with yourself and your own home.

  • How old is your home?
  • How is your home currently structured in terms of pipework and your current water and central heating system?
  • How much energy or water does your household use? How high is your current energy bill? Know your situation.

The next step would be searching online. What green ways of obtaining and using energy are out there and how do they work. Some ways were named in this article. Then determine what would work for your household. Would your household benefit from solar panels or would a heat pump be a better fit?

Search for suppliers. Are they registered? Find some reviews as well. Before you purchase do not forget if you are eligible to apply for a grant.

If you would like help finding the best green energy solutions for your needs head on over to greenmatch.co.uk