Top 3 Green Tips May 2015

published Jun 02, 2015
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The Top 3 Green Tips for the Month Of May!


GreenMatch UK has launched a green initiative entitled “Green Tips”, where every month three top tips are selected from among the candidates, and are featured on their blog under the title “Top 3 Green Tips”. This initiative is aimed at raising awareness about the importance of maintaining a green lifestyle and positively affecting our environment and communities.

This month of May, the three featured tips are: “Impacting the Environment”, “Recycling and Waste Management” and “Green Ethical Lifestyle”. Through these tips, one can gain information and suggestions from individuals working with green energy, thus making them authentic tools for how someone can lead a green lifestyle.

Our communities and environment are a result of our actions – we directly shape and influence them. Therefore, there are many organizations and websites dedicated to helping improve and maintain our environment, through their different actions. Green Issues by Agy is such a website, transforming textile waste into creative wearables. The owner of the website, Agy, is an eco-designer and environmental educator who holds talks about how to re-use your old clothes and attend different workshops, which teach you how to customize your old clothes, obtaining more from them. The website has the goal of teaching people about the importance of being an eco-designer and how upcycling (reusing objects or materials in a way which creates a product of higher quality than the initial product) positively impacts the environment. The importance of upcycling may not be known by many people in the present, and websites such as “Green Issues” are a great portal to express this very notion.

The green tip suggested by Agy suggests that we should give more importance to buying things that we need, as opposed to buying them because of other reasons. In doing so, the natural resources which are needed to make products will be significantly reduced and will benefit the environment. A technique which can help in limiting ourselves to buy only the products we really need, is to have, before shopping, a clear understanding of our needs and even make the famous “shopping list”.

Although very important, helping our environment through eco design, managing the resources we buy and don’t really need, and upcycling, are just a few steps of the many we can take to positively impact our surroundings. Through the help of individuals like Agy, who educate others about the easy steps to maintaining a green lifestyle, we can further broaden our knowledge on the importance of this matter.

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