Get The Latest on Biomass Projects at Expo Biomasa 2015

published Apr 29, 2015
1 min read

The event will be hosted between 22-24 September in Spain.


ExpoBiomasa 2015 is the 2nd edition of the Fair for Professionals. It is a 3-day event that will bring together over 500 brands and companies in the greatest business representation of forestry and thermal use of biomass. 18,000 professionals interested in buying machinery, equipment, products and services are expected to attend ExpoBiomasa 2015 in Valladolid, Spain.

The event will be hosted at Feria de Valladolid next September. This Fair has been taking place annually since 2006, and exhibits all the technology and equipment available in the booming market of biomass. It is therefore a good spot for any company with eyes on this business, as an opportunity for valuable networking and also to acquire new knowledge. The Fair for Professionals offers attractive business opportunities in Spain and Portugal.

Who is it for?

The event should be of interest to forest machinery companies, solid biofuels industries, manufacturers, distributors and installers of heating systems (especially stoves and boilers), industries and other large consumers of heat, heated water and process steam.

The idea behind this event is to generate new technological and business opportunities in strategic markets in the field of biomass energy, both nationally and internationally. As awareness about climate change gets stronger, more people are interested in renewable sources of energy. The potential of biomass as a renewable source of energy has not yet been untapped and therefore ExpoBiomasa is a good opportunity to share knowledge and expertise on this field. Hopefully this will lead to improvements in the technology and to reduced prices, attracting even more people to this sustainable technology.


Who is organising?

ExpoBiomasa is organised by the Spanish Biomass Association (AVEBIOM). The Association was founded in 2004 with the goal of promoting the development of the bioenergy sector in Spain. One of the main objectives of AVEBIOM is to mitigate market failures and work towards the improvement of less developed technologies. The Association also intends to promote interaction between companies and to spark joint ventures between them. All in all, the Biomass Association is intended to aid the development of the value chain of bioenergy.