When Fashion Meets Sustainability

published Mar 19, 2015
1 min read

Fashion Industry Getting Greener?

frontWind turbines and solar panels produce natural, clean energy and they already became parts of our lives. However, are these technologies the only ones that make a real difference when it comes to sustainable living? Our answer is no!

As any other industry, the fashion industry is not immune to the threats presented by the world’s not-so-bright future, in terms of climate and environmental changes. Having the ethos in mind we have seen that discarded textile, defected fabrics and recycled materials can be transformed into stunning and sophisticated garments and contribute at the same time to a less wasteful world.

Shalize Nichilas, founder of Madia & Matilda, was one of the first persons in the fashion industry to embrace a sustainable angle in her business model and gave a new life to cast-off garments and unwanted textiles.

In Madia & Matilda we believe in buying less but selecting well. Therefore, we only create small batches of styles; within the same fabrics; due to the nature of our fabrics being end of roll fabrics and or garments and remnants of home textiles to prolong the lifecycle of clothing. Making unique and lasting fashion, we feel that this will inspire more people to go green. We create clothing that adheres to the woman or girl who is creative, Eco-conscious, individual and stylish. I feel people’s lifestyles are changing and there is a greater need for stylish, sustainable clothing. This thought alone, has become the driving force to Madia & Matilda.”


Brighter Future For the Fashion Industry

Each fashionable piece designed by Madia & Matilda has a wonderful story behind it. Garments are designed in-house with the great attention to every detail and by using only remnant, eco-friendly and recycled fabric. By following this direction, sustainable fashion can be easily accessible for as many people as possible.

Fabric that is designed and produced with the intention of reducing environmental impact is not only stylish and fashionable but also high quality and suitable for all occasions. Besides using only environmentally friendly materials, socially responsible methods of production are considered as the second most significant part of the fashion industry.

The challenges that the fashion industry faces daily can help us understand how important it is to safeguard our future, protect the planet and improve lives of customers, workers and suppliers within the fashion business around the world. Moreover, with the growth of population and climate change issues that affect companies worldwide, sustainability in fashion is set to become a crucial concern. Raw and organic materials are inspiring designers around the world to integrate and develop sustainable resources that will set new trends and reduce the negative impact on the environment.


When it comes to fashion trends, it is hard to predict what the future will bring to us. However, what we know is that the next generation of designers will not only be obsessed by cutting edge fashion, but also focused on the innovative solutions that might reduce negative social and environmental impacts of fashion production. Madia & Matida is one of the brands that keeps us inspired and optimistic about the future of fashion. The change is here, and the fashion industry has the power to put the right idea into practice.