Coming soon: Implementing and Improving SCADA Systems

published Jan 28, 2015
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An event of high interest to any sector with eyes on Power and SCADA Systems.


This event, which will take place during the ends of March 2015 in Nigeria, is part of a 2-part practical masterclass. One of the masterclasses takes the name of “Power System Design, Protection & Coordination”, and “Implementing and Improving SCADA Systems” will be the second one. Together they will take and develop all aspects of Industrial & Utility Power and SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) Systems.

SCADA systems are systems which operate with coded signals over communication channels so as to provide control of remote equipment. The masterclasses will deal, among other topics, with: system planning, equipment selection, specification & application, protection, grounding and conformity with electrical code requirements. The event will be useful not only to gain necessary technical knowledge applicable to daily operation, but also to learn from the trainer’s vast practical experience.

During the next years, Nigeria’s production capacity and utilities industry are expected to grow along with the country’s growing economy. Since energy and power play a crucial role in Nigeria’s economic growth, it is key to ensure safe, reliable and efficient automated production of electricity and goods. This puts a lot of pressure to SCADA systems, whose fully integration is necessary to guarantee proper data collection, system control and operations optimisation.

During these two masterclasses, attendees are expected to learn how to design and develop the core system to collect, measure and analyse desired information suitable to their firm’s needs. They will also be introduced to the benefits and limitations of different SCADA systems and components, which will enable them to make wise purchasing decisions. Plus, they will learn about the lifecycle of such systems, and how to integrate them with existing operating systems while analysing their performance.

Practical Information You Should Know

  • When? 19th and 20th March 2015
  • Where? InterContinental Hotel, Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Who will Speak? Masterclasses will be lead by Erik Stark, an international subject matter from Canada, with over 32 years of experience on this field. He is a recongised senior trainer and consultant of RNItechnology, a protection and Canadian control training and consultancy company. Plus, he has recently worked with different generation, micro-grid, subway and utility projects in several countries around North America, Middle East and Africa.
  • Who should attend? Electrical professionals from either the industrial or utilities side. This includes: Oil and gas, petrochemicals, mining, manufacturing, engineering and construction, and other sectors that are interested in expanding their knowledge on Power Systems and SCADA Systems.

About the Organiser

These two masterclasses are organised by Salvo Global, a company that creates strategic platforms for companies to be updates on the latest trends to acquire best practices, offering their clients a leading business edge. Most of Salvo Global’s programs take place in the Asia Pacific, Middle East and African regions. If you are interested in reading more about this company, visit them at