What is the Africa Energy Indaba?

published Dec 09, 2014
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About the Conference


The Africa Energy Indaba is a conference that will take place from the 17th to 18th of February 2015 in South Africa. The aim of the conference is to unlock Africa’s potential, which is at the moment mainly limited by a weak energy infrastructure system. The event will put together different interest groups to seek solutions to enable adequate energy generation in Africa. In words of Africa Energy Indaba Conference Chairman:

Africa is a continent with huge, as yet unrealised, potential. It is endowed with a diversity of natural resources, a generally hospitable climate and enough land for all its people. (…) Energy is the driver for social and economic development enabling education, healthcare, economic and commercial enterprise and social well being.” Brian Statham.

Why to attend this event?

The Africa Energy Indaba is an opportunity to debate policy and review industrial progress and market trends. It will bring together people from diverse areas and with different interests, like environmental engineers, bankers, investors, people from the government and municipalities, people in the automotive and transport sector, among many others. This mix of people will lead to an enriched pool of knowledge and interesting debates.

Plus, there will be representatives from all over the world, from manufacturers to energy users and government officials. The event will gather more than 160 expert speakers and there will be more than 100 leading energy suppliers showcasing the latest technologies, equipment and services.

During the conference there will be time to review new data and the latest technological trends globally, and specifically from Africa. Moreover, the event is an opportunity to set the foundations for the Future Energy Leaders. The Africa Energy Indaba will serve you to position your business effectively in the market, taking into consideration the latest updates in the industry. Moreover, the event will bring to the table what is going on in developing countries regarding sustainability.

Regarding oil, gas and coal, the conference will deal with the topic of how to exploit these resources responsibly and sustainably. During the sessions there will be examples of best practices from other industries to see what can be done to improve the energy industry in Africa and secure the energy demand in the future. In addition, another discussion topic will be how to impact training and development to attract new talent and technology in Africa.