Acer Chooses to be Green Powered

published Nov 17, 2014
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Acer, the well known Taiwanese multinational company leader in hardware and electronics, fourth largest PC vendor and business consultant decided to take its operations one step further. It has announced its commitment to EPA Green Power Partnership and is turning to renewable energy to substitute fossil fuels and to reduce harmful carbon emissions. The company acquired almost 30 millions of green power units called Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) that granted Acer a leading position in the list of eco friendly and green energy user enterprises. RECs consist of electricity units produced by renewable energy sources.

What is Acer Doing for the Environment?

Acer is currently committed to decreasing carbon emissions, pollution, natural resources drain, and waste by implementing a more effective use of available assets. These actions are part of Acer’s CSR programme that aims at dramatic reductions of greenhouse gasses emissions by 2020.

Acer engagement is not only focused on the company itself but also spans through its supply chain and partners’ network. The green attempts are two-pronged: on the one hand, Acer will support its partners in meeting energy savings and carbon reduction targets, and on the other hand, the company attempts to redesign its own processes in order to minimize carbon releases.

In 2013, Acer signed the Business for Innovative Climate Change and Energy Policy (BICEP) Climate Declaration through which it collaborates with the US government towards the shift to a low carbon economy.

What are the Next Steps?

Acer recognises the increasing number of worldwide projects aiming at carbon emission reductions and understands that great possibilities exist outside the company’s boundaries. Therefore, the company is evaluating different green project investments and alternative ways to reduce the carbon burden.Further commitments and actions are expected in the direction of green and sustainable energy and more partnerships with institutional bodies are also on the way to come.