Renewable Energy World 2015

published Oct 16, 2014
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The Renewable Energy World Conference and Exhibition is an event organized jointly with POWER GEN Europe. It concerns itself with electricity and the power technology industry. The main focus of the conference is to match the development of emerging renewable energy sources and traditional energy sources.

The event comprises of both a cycle of conferences and an exhibition of suppliers and other relevant agents and players in the supply chain, and from the industry. This event is run every 8 years, creating an incredible opportunity for different actors in the sectors to gather.

Why Would You Exhibit at the Renewable Energy World Conference?

It is good for the company image and visibility, and also to develop the network since producers have the possibility to show their products and meet possible clients and partners. This can also be a variant for promoting products and making them more visible. Furthermore, attracting the media attention and having an opportunity to position the goods better by stepping into direct contact with the customers and better understand their needs and desires is another positive outcome one will have from the conference.

Who Participates in the Conference?

There are many different actors taking part in the conference:

  • Public and local utility owners and managers
  • Government executives
  • Independent power producers
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Plant owners and operators
  • Project developers and managers
  • Fuel suppliers
  • Engineers from different fields

What are the Main Discussion Points?

The main aim of the company is to secure power for a sustainable economy. The main topics are:

  • New designs and the benefits that they could provide
  • Alternatives to manage the effect on renewable energy resources on the grid
  • Technologies compatible with the low carbon emissions policy
  • Flexible solutions
  • Energy effective strategies

How Should You Apply to Join the Conference and the Exhibition?

You can easily register online on either or It is a quick and easy procedure that will allow you to register for the event where you can both exhibit your products by renting out some space or be a speaker on a chosen topic.