A Worldwide Campaign From Greenpeace Manages to Make LEGO Get Away From Shell

published Oct 22, 2014
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The protest spreads all around the world and leads to the announcement that LEGO will not renew its contract with Shell.


Greenpeace is known worldwide for fighting for a more sustainable planet. With the advent of social media, campaigns can quickly outreach every corner of the world. One recent example of this is Greenpeace’s campaign targeting LEGO.

This successful campaign managed in just three months, to attract the support of over a million people worldwide, with exhibitions all over the world. The result was that LEGO announced it wouldn’t renew its contract with Shell, which is known for being a heavy pollutant of the Arctic.

Mauro Fernandez, one coordinator of Greenpeace in Argentina, said that although LEGO says it wants to make a better world for children, since 2012 it has a partnership with Shell, one of the biggest contaminators of the planet and which is now threatening the Arctic. LEGO was selling lots of its toys with Shell’s logo and supporters of Greenpeace’s campaign wanted to stop the oil driller from showing their supposedly nice intentions while they are actually harming the environment.

In various cities all over the world, Greenpeace supporters blocked Shell’s stations, and protested to break the agreement between the oil driller and LEGO. The protest reached Legoland in Billund, Denmark, where tiny LEGO climbers held a daring protest at a Shell gas station. Greenpeace spread a viral video that showed the Arctic made out of LEGO which is filled with oil that starts killing the polar bears and the people.